What Can Kathenas Entertainment Do For You

Kathenas, καθένας in Greek, translates to every or everyone...Kathenas Entertainment will produce, create and influence content that reminds us that we are one.

Through creating and producing content that's rooted in real life, real world experiences that won't be limited by sex, race or creed, Kathenas Entertainment shares the same passion, foundation and all encompassing outlook of its founder, Chris Richardson.

It's not how you start...

  • Military Brat who was an outsider growing up in school
  • Turned to bullying to keep people from hurting my feelings
  • Sexually assaulted as a teenager
  • Stole rent and college tuition money to buy a car and gifts
  • Arrested and charged with crimes 3 separate times
  • Prostitution
  • Multiple car accidents
  • Attempted suicide
  • Driver's license suspended multiple times
  • Major reconstructive surgery on both knees
  • Enrolled in Celebrate Recovery for Alcoholism
  • Extensive job history with majority ending with me being fired

...it's how you finish.

  • Completed restitution & probation stemming from arrests
  • Steady & gainful employment
  • Professional Dancer
  • Actor, Producer & Writer
  • Founder & Fitness Trainer Kathenas Fitness
  • Volunteer at Covenant House NYC
  • ...more to come

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